Consent is voluntary, sober, enthusiastic, verbal, non-coerced, continual, active, and honest.

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Ask First - Resources for Supporters, Survivors, and Perpetrators of Sexual Assault

This zine is a guide to assisting others with issues surrounding domestic violence and sexual assault towards the liberation of all people.

Topics: anarchism, consent, relationships
Authors: Cheyenne

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Bound to Struggle

Where Kink and Radical Politics Meet

Topics: consent, relationships
Authors: Anonymous
Publisher: Strikeback
Date: 2003

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Consent or Coercion: An Introduction to Anarchism

A guide to voluntary cooperation to meet everyone’s needs, without bosses or rulers, and without sacrificing individual liberties.

Topics: anarchism, consent, feminism, introduction
Authors: Ed Stamm, others
Date: 2005

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Learning Good Consent

Topics: anarchism, consent, health, introduction, relationships
Authors: Anonymous
Publisher: Riotgrrr Press

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Liberating Ourselves in the Boudoir

An anarchist-feminist perspective against BDSM

Topics: anarchism, consent, relationships
Authors: Usul of the Blackfoot
Date: 2009

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Men Can Stop Rape

Supporting survivors, what men can do, racism and rape, and notes specific to male survivors.

Topics: anarchism, consent, feminism, lgbtiq, prisons
Authors: Anonymous
Publisher: Kansas Mutual Aid Collective
Date: Spring, 2003

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Not Without My Consent

We are not exempt from being the oppressors--oppression is ingrained in our development. It is, however, scary to see in yourself that which you hate in society. Know what sexual assault is! Realize the effects your actions have on people.

Topics: consent, feminism, health
Authors: Bullet Girl, The Enforcer
Date: Summer 2004

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Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Assault

Topics: consent, health, relationships
Authors: Men Against Rape Culture, Ubuntu

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Taking the First Step

Suggestions to people called out for abusive behavior

Topics: anarchism, consent, feminism, relationships
Authors: Wispy Cockles

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The Revolution Starts at Home

Confronting partner abuse in activist communities

Topics: consent, introduction, privilege, relationships
Authors: Alisa Bierria, Ana Lara, Anida Ali, Bran Fenner, BrokenBeautiful Press, Ching-In Chen, Eboni Colbert, Emily Stern, Gina de Vries, Jai Dulani, Jill Aguado, Karen Lee Asherah, Kay Barrett, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarahinha, Onion Carrillo, Peggy Munson, Sarwat Rumi, Shale Moulana, The Northwest Network, Theryn Kignamasud'Vashti, Timothy Colman, Vanessa Huang, Xandra Ibarra, Ziggy Ponting
Editors: Ching-in Chen, Dulani, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarahinha
Publisher: Communities Atainst Rape and Abuse

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We Are All Survivors, We Are All Perpetrators

What to do when someone tells you that you violated their boundaries, made them feel uncomfortable, or committed assault

Topics: consent, introduction, relationships
Authors: Anonymous
Publisher: Rolling Thunder #1, Philly's Pissed