Media are tools of mass-communication

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A Popular Guide to Building a Community Broadcast Station

This book demonstrates how to set up a small FM broadcast station for your community. Of all the media and communications technologies, radio is the most accessible. By asserting your right to communicate, you become part of the struggle for free speech, resisting the privatization of yet another public resource--the broacast airwaves.

Topics: media, pirate-radio
Authors: T.J. Enrile
Publisher: Free Radio Berkeley
Date: 2005

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Abstract Hacktivism - The Making of a Hacker Culture

In the nineteenth century, the motor replaced the clockwork as the universal model of knowledge. In a similar vein, new media technologies are currently replacing the motor as the dominant ‘conceptual technology’ of contemporary social thought. This development, Otto von Busch and Karl Palmås argue, has yielded new ways of construing politics, activism and innovation.

Topics: direct-action, media, theory
Authors: Karl Palmås, Otto von Busch
Publisher: Open Mute
Date: 2006

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Society of the Spectacle

Self-emancipation in our time is emancipation from the material bases of an inverted truth. This 'historic mission to establish truth in the world' can be carried out neither by the isolated individual nor by atomized and manipulated masses, but — only and always — by that class which is able to effect the dissolution of all classes, subjecting all power to the disalienating form of a realized democracy — to councils in which practical theory exercises control over itself and surveys its own action. It cannot be carried out, in other words, until individuals are 'directly bound to universal history'; until dialogue has taken up arms to impose its own conditions upon the world.

Topics: anarchism, introduction, media, theory
Authors: Guy Debord
Publisher: The Institute for Experimental Freedom
Date: 1994

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The Megaphone Book

A zine on communication & media strategy for kick-ass activists.

Topics: direct-action, media
Authors: Anonymous
Date: 2008

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The Network of Domination

Anarchist Analyses of the Institutions, Structures and Systems of Domination and Exploitation to be Debated, Developed and Acted Upon

Topics: anarchism, capitalism, class, media, prisons
Authors: Wolfi Landstreicher
Publisher: Venomous Butterfly Publications

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The Revolutionary Pleasure of Thinking For Yourself

This booket is for people who are dissatisfied with their lives. If you are happy with your present existence, we have no argument with you. However, if you are tired of waiting for your life to change, then we think you'll find what follows to be quite handy.

Topics: anarchism, capitalism, gender, lgbtiq, media
Authors: Anonymous
Publisher: See Sharp Press

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Theses on the Imaginary Party

e moral and political signi cance of thought only appears in those rare moments of history where 'Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world;; where 'The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity;. In these crucial moments, thought ceases to be a marginal a air to political questions. When the whole world lets itself be carried away without thinking by what the many do and believe, those who think nd themselves exposed, because their refusal to join with others is patent and becomes thus a sort of action.

Topics: anarchism, capitalism, history, media
Authors: Hannah Arendt
Publisher: Tiqqun

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Voices of Resistance from Occupied London

Anarchist Quarterly Journal of Theory an ACtion from the British Capital After the Empire, Issue One

Topics: anarchism, capitalism, media, periodicals, surveillance
Authors: Alesso L, Autonis V, Dimitris D, Fani T, Franco Berardi, James Horrox, Jean Baudrillard, Mike Davis, Rikki
Publisher: Footprint Worker's Cooperative
Date: Spring, 2007

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We All Want Satisfaction

Imagine insurrection being an immediate break from the lives we were told we were supposed to have. Imagine that insurrection is an opportunity for such a break to become permanent. The state wants us to play politics, the economy wants us to play the game of survival; our lives are not games, we need to stop playing now.

Topics: anarchism, capitalism, media, police
Authors: Anonymous
Publisher: The Chicago Branch of the Imaginary Party
Date: Summer, 2009

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What Have We Demonstrated

Toward a practical analysis of the place of demonstrations in the ongoing struggle against domination

Topics: anarchism, colonialism, demonstrations, media
Authors: Anonymous
Publisher: Venomous Butterfly Publications

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You Call This Freedom

In this pamphlet, Chaz Bufe looks closely at the common belief that the United States is a 'free country,' comparing rhetoric with reality. He considers common conceptions of freedom, why so few 'freedom loving Americans' actually have any understanding of freeom, and why so few have any respect for it. Bufe traces this lack of understanding and lack of respect to the various American institutions of the public. He concludes by examining the nature of freedom, especially aspects of it which are never mentioned in 'the miseducation system' or the corporate media.

Topics: anarchism, capitalism, democracy, media, surveillance, theory
Authors: Chaz Bufe
Publisher: See Sharp Press
Date: 2004