Pirate Radio

Pirate radio is a radio station that broadcasts without permission.

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A Popular Guide to Building a Community Broadcast Station

This book demonstrates how to set up a small FM broadcast station for your community. Of all the media and communications technologies, radio is the most accessible. By asserting your right to communicate, you become part of the struggle for free speech, resisting the privatization of yet another public resource--the broacast airwaves.

Topics: media, pirate-radio
Authors: T.J. Enrile
Publisher: Free Radio Berkeley
Date: 2005

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The Complete Manual of Pirate Radio

This pamphley is intended for everyone who has a message to communicate but no means with which to do it. This piece will provide the information necessary to obtain that means.

Topics: direct-action, pirate-radio
Authors: Zeke Teflon

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Three Meter Revolt

Applied revolutionary wave-dymanics. Learn how to setup a low power FM broadcast station

Topics: direct-action, pirate-radio
Authors: Anonymous