Compulsory state education systems are instruments of mass indoctrination for social control by a ruling class.

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Francisco Ferrer and the Modern School

Topics: anarchism, history, schools
Authors: Emma Goldman
Date: 1917

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On the Poverty of Student Life

Consiered in its economic, political, psychological, sexual, an especially intellectual aspects with a modest proposal for doing away with it

Topics: anarchism, schools, theory
Authors: Students of Strasbourg University, members of the Situationist International
Date: 1996

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Recomposing The University

Topics: anarchism, schools, theory
Authors: Marc Bousquet, Tiziana Terranova
Date: Summer, 2004

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Schools No Longer

Topics: anarchism, history, parenting, schools, theory
Authors: Colin Ward
Publisher: Zabalaza Books

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Student Life and Other Contradictions

An inquiry into the value of modern education.

Topics: anarchism, schools
Authors: Raoul Vaneigem
Editors: Lake City Anarchists